Bern works 5 or 6 days a week in a foundry. Exposed to the highest temperatures, he is juggling some melted and poured metals into molds. Appart from this world, Bern puts his child, Loann, and his family, at the first place in his life.

His daily life could make the man playing the blues. Playing with his friends. Reaching the right sound. Risking the unexpected technical riff. This is the way, Laurent Bernonville (his civil name) lives his passion for music. An opportunity to meet people, a chance to travel around.With the tools of today, he shows an obsession for the perfect loop. He feeds the minimal genre with his personnal dj approach. Small details tell the story. Tracing the line. Bern catches your attention without you notice it.

Bern released music on various labels like Traum, Trapez, Labo Music, Toys for Boys, Sentrall and Underline. As a talented remixer, he reworked tracks from Jonas Bering, Anders Ilar, Steve Barnes aka Process and the mexican Fax. Overall, his duet Molair formed with Thierry M’Baye recalls Bern to his priority of having fun making music with a beloved friend. Final words to end this biography would be said about Bern’s interest for netlabels and his respect for people at Synergy Network, Indigo magenta, Redevice, Minlove, Thinner and so. Sharing music is it.

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