hauke freer


Hauke has an old-school production approach, working with contemporary software but using a palette of mainly vinyl samples to give a loose, effortless, raw-sounding edge. MY BEAT is a dirty, gritty, House work-out featuring deep, filtered chords, lo-fi percussion and roughly chopped vocal pieces. Old-fashioned in a good way – just the way we like it! WE MUST FACE OUR FEARS is a smoother, minimal track with a delicate, beautifully measured mesh of percussive knocks, slides & bleeps driven by a pulsing sine wave bass. As the track builds, a classic Detroit-flavoured chord wash brings it all together. Bliss… BIOGRAPHY Hauke Freer grew up in a small town near Hamburg and moved to Berlin in 2000 to work for the Techno label Kanzleramt. After spending a year in Australia DJing and working for the label Future Classic, Hauke returned to Berlin to work for the Resopal Schallware label.

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